About me<br>

As far back as I can remember, I have always enjoyed drawing and making pictures of things that interest me. During my childhood I frequently tried to find avenues at home and at school whereby my creative output could be satiated, taking Art in school as far as A-Level and trying out materials and techniques at home that school could not easily provide. I have relatively recently found comfort and freedom in oil paint and it is now my principal medium of choice.Subject matter has varied year to year: Knights and Armour; Trains; Anatomy; but there is no denying that wildlife documentaries by Attenborough and other such personalities had the single largest impact on my illustrations. Being a child with Autism, I had a tendency to obsess over these programmes, particularly any aspect of them that demonstrated marine activity. Anything about, in or on the sea has captivated me my entire life. This is reflected in my paintings and I am even training as a diver in order to better interact with this alien and beautiful world.I also try to capture scenes and images that, I think, require great thought and planning in order to replicate convincingly. Examples include a water splash and glassware. I will occasionally paint something like this because I enjoy challenging myself and like to see if I can notice any skill development in myself.I welcome commissions ranging greatly in both topic and medium, and am happy to talk to anyone who wishes to make any enquiries.

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